Frequently Ask Questions

Is CBD legal?
Yes, CBD is legal in all 50 states of America.
Will it get my dog high?
No. Our products contain 0% THC, the compound responsible for the high effect associated with traditional cannabis use.
My dog doesn’t like the taste of the oil, what do I do?
Although we have found that most dogs actually like the taste of our oil, if they do not it can be mixed in with food or water if your dog doesn’t like the taste. A lot of our customers use peanut butter as a mixing agent.
Where is your hemp from?
We source our hemp from a farm in Oregon and then we pack it in New York City.
Should I use oil or treats?
I choose Oil over treats when helping my dogs. CBD oil is shown to enter the bloodstream faster than treats for more immediate relief from symptoms. Learn more....
How many times a day can I give my pup the oil?
You can dose your dog up to 3 times a day.
Can my cat take the oil?
Yes, all mammals can take CBD oil.
How do you extract your oil? learn more
Our oil is extracted using the Co2 method
What is the recommended dosage?
For dogs under 25 pounds the average rule to start with is half of the 1 ml dropper while dogs over 25 pounds can start with the full one. Every dog is unique and will respond to different dosages so start lower and work your way up
How long does it take for the oil to take effect?
Depending on the size of your pet It can take 20 minutes to an hour for you to see the effects.
Are there any known side effects? learn more
Unless your pet has an allergy to a product on our e ingredients list there are no side effects to our products except for occasional drowsiness. These products are all natural and made with 100% pure MCT and CBD oil.
Can i give my pets these products if they are on other medications?
Yes!Our product is 100% natural and will not interfere with any other medications they are taking. We recommend you ask your vet before starting if you have any concerns about your pet’s health.
Can I see the lab report for the product?
Link to lab report